How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Comparison essay is an established standard assignment for college and university students. Children begin writing a comparison essay as elementary school, compared some simple items such as summer and winter. At university they already do deeper analysis on bigger issues, such as political achievements of a past US president. However, some students who are just starting to learn how to write compare and contrast essay, the following tips on how to write good compare and contrast essay examples may be useful for them. First, be concise and direct to the point. Most students find it difficult to write a comparison and contrast essay outline because of their haste in writing the document. You should avoid using any excess words or jargon, such as metaphor, similitude, analogy, hyperbole, or even adjectives. Write straight to the point and be sure to indicate which main ideas are being discussed in your document. Second, do not confuse your thesis statement with the thesis statement in your essay. The thesis statement is usually on the second page of your compare and contrast essay outline, after the introduction. The thesis is the main idea of your document, a topic that you have researched extensively to have a strong foundation. Unlike the thesis, most of the times, the compare and contrast essay ends with a list of main contrasts or similarities that the writer believes demonstrate each writer’s overall arguments. Compare and contrast essay examples can be quite tricky to write if you don’t follow the basics. For example, in a lot of compare and contrast essay examples, the similarities seem too obvious, the differences lack supporting data, or the essay’s tone is biased against the main topic. If the similarities seem obvious, you must take a look at your own essay and decide if you are being fair or not. It may be possible that there are some mistakes in your compare and contrast essay that are overlooking something major. This could pose a problem in your evaluation of your own work. If you want to make your compare and contrast essay outline clear, you must understand the difference between in-class education and what happens in a classroom. In-class education, you teach students the main idea, you guide them through the details, and you let them practice your lesson. Once you have taught them the concept, you evaluate their performance based on how well they understand the concept. Contrasting this with a comparison essay, you must evaluate two objects to find out which has the greater value. In comparison essay examples, it is usually easier to compare apples to apples. If you compare the prices of two identical cakes, you can make a conclusion that the more expensive cake is better. However, you must compare apples to apples in a comparison essay outline so you can determine which one is more valuable. In your outline, you can write an example sentence for each object that you are comparing. Then, write the conclusion of your compare and contrast essay, and the conclusion should address how valuable the comparison was to you. The key to compare and contrast essay is to use correct block structure. Each block starts with a capital letter, each paragraph states a main idea, the next paragraph uses a stronger comparison, and the last paragraph sums up the main points of both blocks. A perfect example would be something like “the most expensive car that is currently available on the market is…”, where “the most expensive car” is capitalized, a paragraph about the comparison would contain a phrase such as “the most expensive car is…”, and the last paragraph will conclude by stating how valuable the comparison is to you. You should also follow proper grammar rules for your compare and contrast essay, especially when writing about specific objects. Following these tips should help you create a compelling outline. If you run into trouble, ask someone to help you. Some people prefer to use an outline software package. Others may feel more comfortable working on their own. Using these tips, anyone can write an effective compare and contrast essay.